Garrison Collection

Garrison Collection

Turn your Garrison Brother's Cowboy Bourbon box into your own custom guitar! In partnership with Garrison Brother's Distillery, Hubert Guitars has designed a custom guitar kit around the gorgeous box your Cowboy Bourbon came in. Inspired by the cigar box guitar, this 3 string electric guitar harkens to the humble beginnings of American Blues, when many musicians had to build their own guitar from whatever materials they had access to. With that thought in mind, this guitar can be built with ease, regardless of experience level.


Each kit contains everything needed to build a rockin' guitar in as little as 1-2 hours; parts included are listed below:

  • Bolt on style neck
  • Pre-soldered wire harness with mini humbucker pickup, volume/tone pots, and input jack
  • 3 string metal bridge, with mounting screws, and spacer
  • Support wood to reinforce the box
  • Bridge mounting template to ensure correct possitioning
  • Volume and Tone knobs


Supplies are limited, so act fast to get your own piece of history!

Price includes shipping & insurance within the continental U.S.


For an additional $200, you can have Hubert Guitars build your guitar! Send us your Cowboy Bourbon box and we'll return a completely assembled and ready to play guitar!

    PriceFrom $200.00